[Samba] samba embedded

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Sat Oct 20 15:49:09 GMT 2007

I am building an embedded linux box with a samba client.  I have samba 
successfully compiled and running.  I've built smbmount only to realize 
that it smbfs is deprecated in favor of cifs.

All  I need is to mount a windows share.  My box is not acting as a 
samba server, just mounting shares.

So... is mount.cifs the correct one?

Also, there is a cifs kernel module (at least with 2.4.34, which is what 
I am working with).  Do I need that?

(I'm a bit paranoid since this box will be shipped 3,000 miles and 
installed, so it's not like I can reach out and fix it....)



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