[Samba] Samba can't find its hostname via broadcast

Atrox silver.salonen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 05:56:55 GMT 2007

Michael Lueck wrote:
> Atrox wrote:
>> Hmm, actually the machine runs OpenVPN too, so its (bridged) tap device
>> has
>> its own IP that falls into the same netmask /24. Is it possible that
>> Samba
>> may get confused about that? Should specifying only the internal
>> interface
>> (and lo0 maybe) in "interfaces" help in this case?
> I have no experience running OpenVPN on a Samba server box. We have
> separate firewall boxes and run OpenVPN on those boxes.

I have such setup in several places and I've see no problem yet. But well, I
just discovered the same issue at one other server ;)

>> PS. I can't try deleting the wins cache right now as Samba is in active
>> use.
> I suppose you could take a peek inside that file (cat wins.dat) and see if
> you see multiple IP addresses around the information for your server.

Ah, yes, it's plain-text :)
But there's only 1 IP for the server, but there are 8 lines for the server:
"MYDOMAIN#1b" 1193031291 64R
"MYSERV#00" 1193031291 66R
"MYDOMAIN#1c" 1193031291 e4R
"MYSERV-ALIAS#03" 1193031291 64R
"MYSERV#03" 1193031291 66R
"MYSERV-ALIAS#20" 1193031291 64R
"MYSERV#20" 1193031291 66R
"MYSERV-ALIAS#00" 1193031291 64R

I tried deleting wins.dat this morning, but it didn't help :(
I also set "interfaces = xl1 lo0" (xl1 is my innter interface), but it
didn't have any effect either.
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