[Samba] Uploading printer driver from Windows client gives "access denied" error

Tony Groves tongro at eircom.net
Thu Oct 18 10:41:27 GMT 2007

From: Dale Schroeder <dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com>
> If what I described above does not work for you, perhaps this thread
> applies?
> http://archives.devshed.com/forums/samba-120/problems-installing-printer-driver-1365160.html
That seems to do the trick, thanks. The driver files were read-only, but
after I enabled write access I was able to install them. That seems
strange; why would Samba need write access to driver files? And anyway,
can it not change permissions if needed? Anyway, there's no point
wondering, it works now.

From: Peter Ulrich <Peter-Ulrich at web.de>
> When i give the User Administrative rights, then i was able to upload
> Printer-Drivers.
Thanks. I think the user does have full rights on the client machine, but 
I didn't need that in the end.

I have another problem now though. I can connect to the printer from a
Windows client, but whenever I try printing to it, the client machine 
suddenly reboots. That's a separate issue I suppose; I'd better gather a 
bit more information before presenting it here.

Thanks again.


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