[Samba] Can't see or change ACLs on Windows

Eric Diven eric.diven at edsiohio.com
Wed Oct 17 20:29:59 GMT 2007

I have samba server joined to a domain that I'm trying to use ads
security and acls on.  I can set acls on the Unix file system, and
access from a windows client seems to honor them.  I can't view the acls
under the security tab, all I see are the standard Unix permissions
instead.  If I try to add an entry to the acl, I get an access denied
error, even if the user is on the list of admin users.  Samba version is
3.0.24, OS is Solars 10.  Winbind works smoothly, I can set an entry in
an ACL to a domain user or group using setfacl on the unix side, and I
see it correctly with getfacl.  Any ideas please?


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