[Samba] strangest thing with Raid1 and samba

scartomail scartomail at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 17:15:03 GMT 2007

Thanks Alan, 
  You say it should work.
  At least that's good to know.
  In my FSTAB file there is a line like this.
  /dev/md1    /home        ext3         defaults,acl      0    2
  At first it was a different directory because I also use this server for backuppc backups.
  First it was /var/lib/backuppc and I thought I could not write to a share in this directory because it was restricted.
  I was at that time able to create shares in /home.
  So I thought, well lets mount the partition into the /home directory.
  As this did not work I was sure the problem was with the partition or raid device.
  I have tested the samba configuration with a different /home partition on one disk and there was never a problem.
  I have set out a share to a windows server and copied about 200GB to be sure it worked.
  Could this be a harware thing?
  The server is an old pc which can not handle a disk bigger than 8GB.
  So my first partition is 8GB and the other on the same disk 270GB.
  Backuppc works fine with this configuration but samba not ?? Why?
  Rgds Edo

Alan Hodgson <ahodgson at simkin.ca> wrote:
  On Wednesday 17 October 2007, scartomail wrote:
> I even used and absoluut path like /dev/md1/home/share1, but without
> luck.
> Using raid to protect you're data would be the smartest thing for a file
> server.
> Any body had this problem?
> If people do not have this problem and it should work I would like to
> know to.

All Samba sees is /home. It has no visibility into or knowledge of the 
underlying devices. So yes, it should work. I believe your problem is 
unrelated to having multiple RAID volumes. Based on your comments above, I 
suspect you simply haven't mounted it on /home.

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