[Samba] Samba4 KDC configuration

Johan Pellkvist pellkvist at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 08:14:14 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out how samba4 is working (will work) and have a
couple of questions...
I know its not a stable version yet where everything is in place, but I´m
just curious of how
the final samba4 will look like...

How do you change encryption type for tickets, is there a hidden
krb5.confsomewhere ?

Is it possible to use aes encryption with samba4 (or will it be) ?

Where are heimdal client binaries (kinit/klist), and pam_krb5 support
for the server side ?
Or maybe this is out of scope and I should compile a seperate heimdal too ?

How will other kerberos administration tools work, kadmin, ktutil etc.
Would be nice to be able to export keytabs on server...


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