[Samba] Samba as PDC with XP Client - Logon requires reboot - Help Please

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Tue Oct 16 01:27:05 GMT 2007

Ron Segal escreveu:
> Hi, I'm running the latest version of Samba with a tdbsam backend,
> configured not to use roaming profiles. Two different XP clients (SP2)
> are joined to the domain ok but users can only logon by rebooting before
> entering their logon details.  When users logoff and try to logon again
> (or logon as a different user on the same machine) they get the standard
> message 'windows cannot connect to the domain either because the domain
> controller is down or because your computer account was not found.
> Please try again later .. ' etc.  Have tried fiddling with registry
> entries and permissions but can't get this problem to go away.  Any
> ideas on this would be appreciated. Cheers.

Would help if you post your smb.conf and give a little more information 
about your network (if it is really only these 3 machines and you want 
the samba server be a PDC of a little domain), and about how did you 
joined the workstations.


Edmundo Valle Neto

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