[Samba] samba migration 3.x -> 3.x

Jan Falkenhagen spam.to.f at lkenhagen.de
Mon Oct 15 17:34:33 GMT 2007

hi, i am currently searching for a samba howto that covers the migration
of a Samba 3 PDC to another piece of hardware (with changing
distributions from a discontinued SUSE 9.2 to CentOS 5 parallely). 

Until now i converted the smbpasswd backend to tdbsam, let the new
machine join the domain, and executed net rpc getsid. The i copied the
secrets.tdb and the passwd.tdb to the new machine. Unfortunately user
login doesn't work for the new one. In the end I am planing to turn off
the old one and to make the new machine the domain master.

Is there anything left that has to be done? Do i have to set new
best regards

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