[Samba] Problem with network drives

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I have a Windows Xp station where a network drive is mapped. The username
and password for this network drive are the same as those of my Windows
I want to access to another share on this server with another name and login
than those of the mapped network drive. When I try to access to this share
it tries with the username and password from my Windows session. I can see
it in the samba log file ( NT_STATUS_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED).
It doesn't work because this share is not accessible for my user. When I try
to log with a valid username and login for this share it doesn't work and I
have nothing in the samba log file.
This share is accessible with another username and login when I dont have
network drives mappped on the same samba server.
Can somebody explain me why it doesn't work and why I don't see anything in
my log file.


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It's not a problem, and I don't think it's a Samba issue. It's a function of
XP/2000/2003. This would happen on a Windows Network too.
"Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user using
more than one user name are not allowed."
That's the reason. I'm not enough of a Samba guru to tell you why it's not
in your logs. It may show up in your XP event logs, depending on your XP
Event log settings, though.
You can make the second connection to the server using its IP address (I.E.
\\\share) as a work around.
Why would you want to connect as someone else, though, rather than give
yourself (actually a group you belong to) access to the share?
If it's just for testing, then the method above will be fine....

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