[Samba] using cifs to access posix acl from a linux client

Chuck Kollars ckollars9 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 15 16:13:52 GMT 2007

> We would like to mount a Linux server running samba 
> using a cifs mount from a linux client (linux-> 
> linux) and still be able to access the
> extended attributes. 
> Acl's work on the native filesystem, however when we
> mount the samba server on the Linux client using
> mount -t cifs //localhost/test test -o username=xxx
> Then the extended attributes are no longer visible,
> only the default posix rights. Any idea's?

My experience over the last year in probing deeply
into the interaction of Linux ACLs with Samba (but I'm
not a Samba expert and coult be wrong:-) is "you can't
get there from here". 

While you can get Samba to pretty much use the Linux
ACLs on the _server_ side, Linux ACLs will never
behave _exactly_ the same way they do for a user who's
directly logged on nor will they be visible to the

I found the implementation of Linux ACLs to still be a
little more off the beaten path than I assumed naively
at first. It interacts weirdly with quotas; I can
crash it (admittedly my kernel is now out of date). I
had to get a special version of `rsync` that
understood and propagated Linux ACLs (the regular one
doesn't). And I'm even a little doubtful about full
support in NFS.

good luck!

-Chuck Kollars

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