[Samba] How to report successfull and unseccessful login attempts

Valerio Daelli valerio.daelli at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 12:22:04 GMT 2007

we use samba 3.0.25a on FreeBSD 6.2 and we would like to have in the logs
only the successfull and unsuccessfull login attempts.
We would like to read in the log file:

Authentication for user [%s] -> [%s] -> [%s] succeeded


Authentication for user [%s] -> [%s] FAILED with error

We have tried with log level 1 and we get only the successfull logins.
We have tried with log level 2 and we get the unsuccessfull as well but
with those a million of other irrelevant (for us) events are logged.
We know we could patch the source code (I think we should patch
source/auth/auth.c) but we prefer taking a simpler approach.
Any suggestions?

Valerio Daelli

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