[Samba] Problem with network drives

Vincent Zakofski vlamsdoem at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 06:21:36 GMT 2007


I have a Windows Xp station where a network drive is mapped. The
username and password for this network drive are the same as those of my
Windows session.
I want to access to another share on this server with another name and
login than those of the mapped network drive. When I try to access to
this share it tries with the username and password from my Windows
session. I can see it in the samba log file (
It doesn't work because this share is not accessible for my user. When I
try to log with a valid username and login for this share it doesn't
work and I have nothing in the samba log file.
This share is accessible with another username and login when I dont
have network drives mappped on the same samba server.
Can somebody explain me why it doesn't work and why I don't see anything
in my log file.



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