[Samba] multihomed samba -- how to tell samba which ip-numbers to respond?

Christian Brandes christian.brandes at forschungsgruppe.de
Fri Oct 12 09:57:16 GMT 2007

I have got a samba server with multiple interfaces.
Some of them are virtual interfaces in the same network dynamically 
assigned by a RedHat Cluster.

So "Server1" can have: (physical) (virtual) (virtual) (virtual)
... (physical) (virtual) (virtual) (virtual)

But virtual interfaces can change during runtime.

When a Microsoft Client broadcasts for "Server1"s ip-number. Server1 
responds one of it's ip-numbers on the corresponding network interfaces. 
Not necessarily the physical one.

I would like not to set "bind interfaces only = true", in order to have 
the samba server still listen for connections on virtual interfaces, 
especially when they are assigned during runtime of the samba server. 
But I would like it not to advertise them.

Is there a way to make the server answer only it's physical ip-number, 
when it receives a broadcast query?

Best regards

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