[Samba] Samba/ADS Question

simo idra at samba.org
Thu Oct 11 16:42:26 GMT 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-11 at 11:59 -0400, Chris Nighswonger wrote:
> I have successfully joined a Fedora7 client to a W2K AD domain.
> Everything thus far works as it should. All of my ADS members can log
> onto the machine, etc. However, when using Nautilus to browse the
> network, Windows shares are visible, but the user is always prompted
> for authentication regardless of the permissioning on the the windows
> share. It appears that samba is using the guest account to attempt the
> access. I cannot seem to get Google to turn up anything significant on
> this one. Any help is appreciated.

Are you using pam_winbindd to log in?
If so you can configure /etc/security/pam_winbind.conf to use krb5_auth
= yes and krb5_ccache_type = FILE, this would store your kerberos
credentials so that libsmbclient should be able to pick them up when
browsing servers and use them.


Simo Sorce
Samba Team GPL Compliance Officer <simo at samba.org>
Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc. <ssorce at redhat.com>

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