[Samba] SAMBA+LDAP-How to promote Administrator with all priviliges?

Marcin Giedz giedz at arise.pl
Thu Oct 11 10:50:41 GMT 2007

Torsten napisał(a):
> Frank Van Damme schrieb:
>> You problem is that the account does not have uid number 0. If it has,
>> it has a root account on your unix box and you're all set.
> o.k, but uid 0 is reserved for root, isn't it? and it should be 
> possible to have more than one account with administrative priviliges.
You don't have to this.

1) Try to add uid=administrator do "domain admins" group in LDAP -> in 
"domain admins" add attribute memberUid=administrator. That's all

2) In samba you can also set privileges to every normal users by grants:

net rpc rights grant "user1\Domain Admins" SeDiskOperatorPrivilege -U 



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