[Samba] Q: Winbind, LDAP

Chris Osicki osk at admin.swisscom-mobile.ch
Wed Oct 10 14:41:34 GMT 2007


I'm using winbind with LDAP backend for UID/GID<->SID mapping.
The only problem I have so far is, it logs to syslog tons of messages that
it cannot find some uid-sid mappings:

    mapping not found for uidNumber: 3300

I was thinking to create mapping for such uids/gids using a NULL SID but this can be done just 
for one uid, as the DN in LDAP is composed of sambaSID and ou. Thus the SID must be uniq and as
I lerned from google there is only one NULL SID.

Has anyone any idea how to trick winbind or make it be quite?

Thanks for your time.

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