[Samba] Lightweight nmblookup

Anthony Wright anthony at communitymesh.com
Tue Oct 9 11:36:46 GMT 2007

I'm looking for a lightweight version of nmblookup for an embedded 
device that needs to connect to windows boxes who have had their IP 
addresses assigned by DHCP. I want a simple application that given the 
name of a windows box on the network, it will give me the IP address.

 From analysing the exchange with ethereal, it seems like a very simple 
request/response exchange, and I really don't want a full version of 
nmblookup (or libnss_wins) just for that.

Is there a lightweight application that would meet my needs or would I 
have to look at writing one ?

If I were to write a small application to do it, is the exchange as 
simple as it appears to be in ethereal ? (Send a request to the 
broadcast address, take the IP address of the responding packet)

Finally, could anybody point me in the direction of some documentation 
regarding the name encoding within the request packet ?


Tony Wright.

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