[Samba] Samba Doesnt do ADS Authentications

MHussaini mhussaini at tiptonservices.com
Fri Oct 5 20:34:28 GMT 2007


I Have configured my samba machine as a member of Windows AD (win2k3 
Machine). All the configuration went on successfully when I execute net 
ads testjoin ; I get output as "OK" and I can see my samba machine in AD 
computers and users. also i get a proper output from wbinfo -u -g. My 
kerberos tickets are valid. Now the problem I'm facing is

Case1: When I enter the machine name of my samba server in Run Box Of 
Winxp it is popping up for a user name and pass like Samba/<username> 
(where Samba = my samba server name) when I enter a valid ADS domain 
user name it doesnt validate it but when I enter a valid linux user/pass 
it gets authenticated.

Now in Case 2: when I'm entering the ip address of my samba server in 
"Run" Box it is asking for TIPTON1/<username (where TIPTON1=my ads name) 
when I enter a valid user and pass of windows it doesnt authenticate 
also when I enter a valid user and pass of linux it doesnt authenticate.

The Only Condition when I'm able to access the samba shares is when I 
log into winxp with my ADS Domain Profile and try to access the Samba 
share from My Network Places><ADS DOMAIN>Samba Domain.

I would like to use all the ADS accounts to authenticate the users and i 
dont want to use my linux users n passes.

Here is my winbind log >> http://pastebin.ca/726764
my smb.conf >> http://pastebin.ca/726761
my smbd.log >> http://pastebin.ca/726762

Please help me out. Thanks

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