[Samba] Empty secrets.tdb.

=?big5?B?TGF0cmVsbCBXYW5nIKT9xG269Q==?= Latrell.Wang at zyxel.com.tw
Thu Oct 4 09:39:28 GMT 2007

Hi all:


I have a FTP server combined with samba server. Pam_smbpass.so is used =
to provide authentication. Everything works fine in the beginning. But =
after a period of heavy access from FTP, the login will fail. I found =
the problem is resulted from secrets.tdb. It became an empty file (I use =
tdbdump to check the content). Pam_smbpass.so rejected the =
authentication when it can=A1=A6t check the SID in the secrets.tdb. My =
samba version is 3.0.25c. Previous version is 3.0.21c, and it did not =
have the problem.


Thanks for all advice,


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