[Samba] Win2003 ADS, wbinfo -u and -g almost works

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at dagdrivarn.se
Wed Oct 3 08:35:04 GMT 2007

>>>>> "herman" == herman  <herman at aeronetworks.ca> writes:

    herman> I can join the domain and 'wbinfo -t' returns OK.
    herman> However, 'wbinfo -g' returns only two groups then gives a
    herman> failure message and 'wbinfo -u', doesn't return anything.

    herman> So, it almost works.

Do authentication etc work? My 'wbinfo -u' only return "Error looking
up domain users" and always had.

I stoped caring when I realized that everything worked as I intended.
An answer to this is more on the 'would be nice to know' and sheer
curiosity so I'm not going to vaste any energy to try to find out.
If you're more curios than me, you migt push on to an answer, and
I might get one to :).

Why can't programmers tell the difference between
halloween and christmas day? Because 25 DEC = 31 OCT.

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