[Samba] Samba and AD: Still problem with conection

herman herman at aeronetworks.ca
Tue Oct 2 08:05:13 GMT 2007

It looks to me like a windbindd problem in Samba 3.0.23c shipped with 
RedHat EL5.

I'm trying to build an RPM for the 3.0.26a stable version on RHEL5, but 
I'm having trouble since the 3.0.23c SRPM supplied with RHEL5 won't 
build.  It looks like RedHat built it on Fedora and simply chucked the 
package into RHEL5 - the more I use RedHat, the less I like them since 
they are very shoddy with their releases.  I actually managed to compile 
it, but it still won't run - smbd, nmbd and winbindd simply exists 
without any error messages, so it may take a few more days before I'll 
be able to tell whether the newer version of Samba behaves better.  
Another option is to see what version ships with Mandriva 2008 - it is 
bound to be newer than the RedHat version and Mandriva RPMs generally 
work on RedHat.



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