[Samba] Samba and AD: Still problem with conection

Przemysław Adam Śmiejek tristan at b7.pl
Mon Oct 1 11:35:17 GMT 2007


I have still problem with samba and AD. And I still know nothing :( 

Sometimes it works OK, but seldom. Generaly it can't get users from AD. 
System boots and wbinfo says that there is no users or that there is only 10 
users (in AD I have about 1100). 

I think that this is problem with timeout, because sometimes it works OK. 
Sometimes linux reboot helps... 

And simetimes my dhcp on windows says: ,,no conection to AD''. Mayby my AD 
has too long time to response? 

HELP! Please... I don't know what to do. 


root at komp203l:~# wbinfo -u | wc -l

[ restart ] 

root at komp203l:~# wbinfo -u | wc -l

 Przemysław Adam Śmiejek 
 tel. GSM: +48 887-857-555	

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