[Samba] Mapped network drive randomly disconnects

Martin Susil susil at amsyscz.cz
Mon Oct 1 11:00:02 GMT 2007


we have a samba 3.0.10 running as a PDC for a network of 50 Windows 
2000/XP clients. The clients sometimes experience a problem, that their 
home folder (shared as \\server\home\) which is mapped to drive Z: 
randomly disconnects in Windows. This is usually related to the network 
load on the workstation - for example if the user is working in Outlook, 
which has its database stored on this network share, the probability of 
the drive getting disconnected is much higher than when the client is 
idle. It is possible to reconnect the network share immediately after 
disconnecting, but it causes various problems to the programs running 
from network.

Have any one experienced similar problem?

Thank you for the answer


Best regards,

Martin Sušil

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