[Samba] blocked ports 445 and 139 make printer-shares very slow

James Kosin jkosin at intcomgrp.com
Fri Nov 30 18:54:33 GMT 2007

Marcus Sobchak <lists at localguru.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> do ports 445 and 139 (incoming) have to be open for the samba server's
> IP on WinXP client side (all WinXP clients are using netbios over
> TCP/IP)? F-Secure 7.10 blocks all incoming microsoft-ds (445) and
> netbios-ssn (139) by default, which ends up in very slow printer-shares
> behaviour (for example opening the properties or the spool window of a
> samba-printer takes up to 30 seconds).
> For testing I opened ports 445 and 139 in the F-Secure firewall for the
> IP of the samba server. This pushes the samba-print shares to a very
> good speed at WinXP client side. Could someone explain that to me
> please?
> Thanks,
> Marcus

(1)  You don't want to open file sharing from the internet, you should
really restrict either to the local IP range on your private-network or
rethink your plan.  Either get a hardware firewall or a good hardware
router to help restrict your network from the outside.

(2)  You need to have at least one of those ports open 139 or 445 on
your network.  You can have both as well.  139 and 445 are the back ends
for the NETBIOS protocol.  I'm sure someone will correct me here, but
basically without it things will get very sluggish.

Good Luck,
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