[Samba] blocked ports 445 and 139 make printer-shares very slow

Marcus Sobchak <lists at localguru.de> lists at localguru.de
Fri Nov 30 16:58:08 GMT 2007


do ports 445 and 139 (incoming) have to be open for the samba server's
IP on WinXP client side (all WinXP clients are using netbios over
TCP/IP)? F-Secure 7.10 blocks all incoming microsoft-ds (445) and
netbios-ssn (139) by default, which ends up in very slow printer-shares
behaviour (for example opening the properties or the spool window of a
samba-printer takes up to 30 seconds).

For testing I opened ports 445 and 139 in the F-Secure firewall for the
IP of the samba server. This pushes the samba-print shares to a very
good speed at WinXP client side. Could someone explain that to me


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