[Samba] DFS root in homes possible?

Christoph Kaegi kaph at zhaw.ch
Fri Nov 30 14:41:32 GMT 2007

On 30.11-08:39, Helen Nulty wrote:
>  We put a DFS root in users' home directory and it works fine.
>  [myfiles]
>          comment = Individual User Shared Spaces
>          path = /home1/%U/share
>          msdfs root = Yes
>  Then inside this share folder we put links to all the user's shares.  We 
>  have the myfiles share mapped automatically at login.

OK, thanks.

That would be an alternative solution. What we use at the 
moment is the special share [homes], which lets users map
their homeshare with a path like \\servername\username

Is anybody using this with DFS?


Christoph Kaegi                                           kaph at zhaw.ch

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