[Samba] Unable to change password in windows - SAMBA_LDAP_PDC - SOLVED

jayendren anand maduray jayendren at hivsa.com
Fri Nov 30 06:53:26 GMT 2007

Hi Guys.

Thanks for your help with this, when I turned up the debugging level to
3, and found:
"user cannot change password now, must wait until Sun, 09 Dec 2007"

When I setup the server, and was configuring policies, i set the minimum
password age to 45 days (3888000)
(For the other server, I used the usrmgr.exe for this, while on this one
I used pdbedit, cos usrmgr did not work for some reason)

So, this is what I changed it to, so users can change passwords immediately:

pdbedit -P "minimum password age" -C 0

Now, all I had to do, was reset everyones password (using smbpasswd) for
this policy to take effect.

Thanks again, to everyone who helped me figure this one out!

God bless.

> So take a look at the "SO USE A PARTIAL" part, it worth for all 
> organizational units suffixes.
> *>I have set to use partial, restarted samba and slapd, and I still 
> receive:
> **>"The system cannot change your password now because the domain 
> RIVONINGO.HIVSA is not available"
> > or "The system cannot change your password at this time"
> >When I try to change the password
> >The log entry is:
> >[2007/11/28 14:44:04, 0] lib/debug.c:reopen_logs(597)
> >  Unable to open new log file /var/log/samba/log.computername: 
> Permission denied
> **>Is there something else I can try?***


I can't even say that the previous and this error messages has anything
to do with your problem (but as the previous message doesn't repeated,
the server now is finding whatever it is looking for), or if that its a
name resolution problem. Use a log level bigger than 0 to the server
spit something useful, use something like 3.

But yes, its not normal to the server don't find objects in LDAP as its
not normal start to give "permission denied" errors trying to reopen log
files. What are the permissions of your log directory?


Edmundo Valle Neto


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