[Samba] How to move a PDC

Tim Donnelly tim at coalliance.org
Thu Nov 29 22:51:25 GMT 2007

>Hello All,
>I was asked to make a backup of a server that we have running as a PDC  
>(FreeBSD based).
>I tried just coping over the smb.conf but that does not seem to be all  
>that I need.
>How would I be able to copy a working samba server in order to make a  
>backup in case of an emergency so that the PDC function that it is  
>performing will still work.
>Thanks in advance,

I have attempted to follow the directions here:


in the "Replacing a Domain Controller" section.

However I ran into a problem where the Kickoff time was set to the epoch on
the new server and no one on this list has been able/willing to help.  So
you can try this method to make a backup of your PDC, but it may or may not

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