[Samba] Change in smbclient between 3.0.24 and 3.0.25c breaks third party app

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Wed Nov 28 11:08:08 GMT 2007

On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 09:32:45AM +0100, Felix Leimbach wrote:
> A change in smbclient between 3.0.24 and 3.0.25c breaks [1] the gollem 
> filemanager [2] and maybe others.
> In particular folder creation is broken unless the folder is a top level 
> folder on the share.
> To create a subfolder "level2" in the folder /level1 of a share gollem 
> executes this command:
> /usr/bin/smbclient "//" "-p139" "-Uusername" -D 
> "/level1" -I -c "mkdir \"level2\";"
> With samba-3.0.24 and lower this creates the folder /level1/level2 as 
> expected.
> With samba-3.0.25c and higher it instead creates the folder /levevl1level2
> Changing the smbclient command to:
> /usr/bin/smbclient "//" "-p139" "-Uusername" -D 
> "/level1/" -I -c "mkdir \"level2\";"
> makes smbclient behave as expected.
> Deletion of folders is also broken in gollem starting with samba-3.0.25c 
> but has not yet been tracked down to the exact smbclient command line.
> This smbclient change requires adjusting client applications and the 
> gollem developers already indicated they are not eager doing that.
> Can anyone confirm whether this change in smbclient was intended or 
> whether it is a bug?
> The samba changelog for 3.0.25 [3] mentions "Add smbclient 
> implementations of POSIX open/mkdir/unlink/rmdir", which I guess

Can you track this down to a particular checkin? Now that we
have everything in git, "git bisect" might tremendously help
with it.

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