[Samba] Problem listing files in a folder

Sylvain MEDEOT symedeot at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 28 10:29:34 GMT 2007


I am running several samba servers version 3.024 on Debian Etch 
(3.0.24). I've just found that some folders with more than 100 files 
won't show all files when accessed from windows stations (xp or 2000).

I've just created a batch file to create several thousand of files in a 
folder and they don't all show up... Tried this on several different 
samba file servers and got the same issue.

cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
2160    0       200000

lsof /home | wc -l

Permissions on the folder are ok and double checked...

I can't find any parameter in smb.conf to specify a number of file in a 

Any help welcome,


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