[Samba] Re: Big problems with 3.0.24-6etch6 Debian packages

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Tue Nov 27 21:01:16 GMT 2007

Il 27/11/2007 19:48, Christian Perrier ha scritto:

> On the other hand, I think (but this should be checked as well) that
> Debian packages from unstable may quite easily be rebuilt on an Etch
> machine.

Thanks for your kind answer and your instructions. Anyway, I'll better 
not try this on a production server for the moment ;-). Maybe I will if 
a real need for getting upstream arises... I was asking because I recall 
that, long ago, I needed some new Samba features and could only get them 
on my Debian stable through Simo's packages. This is not the case now, 
but it might happen again, who knows.


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