[Samba] samba to execute "useradd" by itself

Dimitris Theoharis dtheoharis at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 08:36:52 GMT 2007


I have a samba server working fine . 50 people will need to have
access to the samba server ONLY  and not on the Linux host .
They way i add users manually now is like this :
useradd -d /home/test -s /bin/false -n test  then smbpasswd  -a test
and the user test can log on to Samba server ,

Now , people tell me that samba can do that by itself so there is no
need for a unix account for a user even if it is set to /bin/false ,
Is there a way that Samba can execute
useradd and smbpasswds commands  by itself for itself for samba use
only? I think not . What do you think?
the samba server is a standalone server  , not part of a domain

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