[Samba] Share root directory appears in subdirectories. (Well, can't actually see it but can cd into it, even if its not there.) (Serious bug?)

Mark Adams mark at campbell-lange.net
Mon Nov 26 19:02:30 GMT 2007

Check your filesystem.

Reminder, unmount then fsck.ext3 /my/dev/path


On 24 Nov 2007, at 14:58, "Wiesner Thomas" <thomas at bau-konform.at>  

> Additionally to the problems I reported earlier, I'Ve discovered  
> another problem with my server/client setup.
> find reports
> find: WARNING: Hard link count is wrong for ./foo: this may be a bug  
> in your filesystem driver.
> Automatically turning on find's -noleaf option.  Earlier results may  
> have failed to include directories that should have been searched.
> in one directory and if I browse this directorya and I see
> completely wrong files in it (Actually, I seem to see the contents  
> of the upper level directory). This problem doesn't appear with
> Win2K clients and the filesystem itself is OK.
> Samba Version 3.0.24 on the server (Debian Etch), according to smbd - 
> V.
> As mount helper I use mount.cifs, compiled from samba-3.0.26a.
> The kernels on the server and client are the Debian default kernels (2.6.18-5-486 
>  and 2.6.18-5-686).
> The directory structure looks like:
> /dir1/dir2/dir3
> where dir2 is the mountpoint.
> If I 'cd' into dir4 from dir3, I see the contest of dir2. It may  
> have to do with the fact, that the name of dir4 is the
> same as dir2 ...
> Example:
> /coffee/cup$ ls
>  Dir contents of cup
> /coffee/cup$ cd foo
> /coffee/cup/foo$ ls
>  cup, water
> /coffee/cup/foo$ cd cup
> /coffee/cup/foo/cup$ ls
>  The contents of /coffee/cup and not of /coffee/cup/foo/cup are  
> shown and I can even access those wrong files!
> This seems to be a definite bug in either Samba or the filesystem  
> driver. This may even be a security hole in some way.
> (Can't think of any now, but who knows.)
> I played around a bit and found the following out: The problem  
> appears when a directory has the same name as the mount point.
> I can even 'cd' into a directory which isn't there:
> (Mount point is gstorage, share name is gstorage too, don't know if  
> this matters, I haven't investigated it)
> /cifsmounts/gstorage$ cd anydir
> /cifsmounts/gstorage/anydir$ cd gstorage
> /cifsmounts/gstorage/anydir/gstorage$
> Crazy. I seem to be in the root of the share again(!), even if the  
> directory gstorage doesn't exist in 'anydir'.
> I called it anydir, because it works from any directory (but it must  
> be one level below the share root).
> In /cifsmounts/gstorage/anydir/gstorage I can see the contents of  
> the root of the share, again. If there is a dir with the share name
> the contents are overridden, like described above.
> I've tried this on a client running Same problem from  
> this one too. Seems to be either an undisovered kernel or Samba Bug.
>  mfg Wiesner Thomas
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