[Samba] Strange Inheritance of folder rights in Version 3.026a

Jens Nissen jens.nissen at gmx.net
Fri Nov 23 14:52:20 GMT 2007

Assume folder hierarchy /service/f1/f2/f3.
I have initially disabled acl inheritance in smb.conf for "service".
Neither folder service,f1,f2,f3 has the right "Inherit rights from
parent" set.
(I had to translate the Windows-check-boxes' texts, I hope that it is
possible to follow my actions)

(A) Now I apply the property "Inherit rights from parent" to folder f2.
Once I press OK, the right disappears again.
>> Obviously, the right was set, then the right to inherit the right was
inherited from folder f1 and thus finally deleted again from folder f2.

(B) Now I fool Samba by setting the advanced rights
"Inherit rights from parent" and "Propagate rights to contained folders"
to folder f2.
This sets the right "Inherit rights from parent" to folder **f3** (only).
>> Again, it looks as though the right is first set on f2, then
propagated to f3, afterwards inherited from f1 and thus finally deleted
from f2.

All this is very different from Windows and User expectation.
IMHO, the right to inherit a right from the parent should not be
inherited from the parent itself!

Could you fix this, please?

Kind regards,


P.S: This seems related to

P.P.S: From my smb.conf

  nt acl support=Yes
  ea support=Yes

  comment=SMB Torture Folder
  create mask=0777
  directory mask=0777
  dos filemode=Yes
  guest ok=No
  hosts allow=
  hosts deny=
  inherit acls=No
  inherit owner=No
  inherit permissions=No
  invalid users=
  map acl inherit=Yes
  map archive=No
  map hidden=No
  map read only=No
  map system=No
  read only=No
  store dos attributes=Yes

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