[Samba] Windows share issues

naga padma krishnam raju dandu dnpkraju at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 14:29:48 GMT 2007


I want to use windows share for users home directories and linux directories.

I can mount windows share (not samba share) using CIFS. but it can be
mount with only one user or root.

1. but how to maintain the permissions for all users home directories?
2. if i create new file , the file permissions on new file becomes
default user and group which i  used in mounting? how to make it
current user or user belong to base directory
 ( i have tried linux super user permissions, they cant help me)

3. how to use this shares to mount in whole LINUX network (for ex NFS)
or is there any specific solution to mount CIFS windows shares in
linux network?

Can you please help me in this regard


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