[Samba] Filesize information differs with different samba client

Yogesh Pahilwan Yogesh.Pahilwan at symphonysv.com
Thu Nov 22 13:55:15 GMT 2007

Hi All,


I have created a samba share on my linux box (RH -9) and created single
text file "text.txt" with single character into it and checks the file

by using command "du -sh text.txt" and it shows me as 4KB on the linux


Now I have mounted this samba share on three different samba clients
windows/linux/mac and check the file "size" by running command

"du -sh text.txt" and it shows different file "sizes" for different
platforms such as 1KB for windows, 512 bytes for linux and 16KB for mac

actual file "size" on linux box is 4KB. 


Now my query is whether samba provides different file size information
for different platforms or it depends on the respective filesystem???


Please suggest. 


Thanks & Regards,



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