[Samba] connection to IPC$ denied due to security descriptor

Karol Makowski karol.makowski at koelner.pl
Thu Nov 22 12:14:21 GMT 2007

Marc-Henri PAMISEUX pisze:
> I've just find why ;)
> It's in my smb.conf, there is a problem with directive:
>   valid users = @SmbDomAdmins, at SmbDomUsers, at SmbDomGuests, at SmbUsers
> please, comment it !
I don't have any "valid" directives in my global section.
> There must not be any "valid users" directive in the Global section. By
> the way, you have to set it in each share definition.
There are not
> I hope that it will be resolv your error ;)
> If my answer did not give you satisfaction, can you post your smb.conf
> file ?
Ok, http://prozac.bsdzine.org/~spaceman/samba

I hope someone will find any errors. As i wrote before I can access 
shares and I can join domain, but
I can't log into it.

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