[Samba] connection to IPC$ denied due to security descriptor

Karol Makowski karol.makowski at koelner.pl
Thu Nov 22 09:05:11 GMT 2007

richid pisze:
> Hey all,
> I have a fileserver running Debian Etch and Samba 3.0.24 that I use to serve
> media and private home directories.  I have a couple roommates, and
> therefore have a couple accounts on the box for those users.  I had
> everything working perfectly until last week when my system drive took a
> crap.  I've reinstalled everything exactly the same (I think?) but now I am
> having problems with some accounts not being able to connect to the shares. 
> My username can connect to my home share and the communal media share just
> fine.  When I try to connect to another users home share or to the media
> share with their username, I keep getting the password dialog box.  I've
> ensured that they are in smbpasswd and that their password is correct.  I've
> also verified this using smbclient.  
> The log file is reporting this error when I try to connect:
>     make_connection: connection to IPC$ denied due to security descriptor.
I'm having the same problem after upgrading from 3.0.22 to 3.0.24 (or 
higher). I saw that serveral people are
having exact same problem as us, but noone answered yet. I can join to 
domain but cannot login into it.
Shares/printers are visible correctly.

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