[Samba] Re: Howto modify samba printer ACLs without Windows?

Guido Lorenzutti guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Thu Nov 22 09:03:53 GMT 2007

I just read the "not much helpfull" manpage of cupsaddsmb, and nothing
about creating the shares on samba.
If I try to set permissions without the share, samba complains about the
fact that there is no share.... You must have the share and I can't find
the way to create the share via cupsaddsmb.

PD: Not to say that I never found a working "add printer command" in
smb.conf. Having this would be a miracle. I would create the share in
that script!

Necos Secon wrote:
> Someone mentioned the use of the smbacls program, which is what I was referring to. So, if you use smbacls on \\server\share or //server/share (I forget which format it uses), it should work.
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