[Samba] zfs/acl problem samba 3.0.25a on Solaris 10 U4 (no additional patches)

odi odix at odiisi.net
Wed Nov 21 20:20:04 GMT 2007

Hi there,

only for completeness, it's a good idea to post solutions of self-solved 
issues, maybe somebody is needing the information too.

applying patches (especially 119758-09 did the job),  solves this issue, maybe 
not completly but working :-)


Am Montag, 19. November 2007 09:34:00 schrieb odi:
> Hi there,
> situation:
> a samba share on a zfs filesystem, after a user (also owner) changes acl on
> a file/directory the acl is messed up and nobody, also the owner, has
> access to the file/directory anymore. I've also used the
> vfs objects = zfsacl
> nfs4: mode = special
> combination in the share,
> any ideas ?
> regards
> Manfred

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