[Samba] PDC Profile problem

Michal Bruncko michal.bruncko at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 20:18:55 GMT 2007


I think, that the second user have the same sambaSID number (you are
using LDAP as backend for samba?). Windows distinguishes between users
only on sambaSID attribute. For windows is user "A" and user "B" with
same sambaSID attribute the _same_ user. If first user "A" logs in
system and windows creates for him new profile with his privileges
(based on user SID attribute), and then logs on this machine second
user, this second user will have the same profile (and different profile
name). And that might be your problem.

Camilo Echeverry  wrote / napísal(a):
> Hi all .
> I'm configuring samba as PDC and I am having some problems ..
> when a first user logs in in a new computer (recently added to the
> domain) .. it creates a local directory for that profile ..
> but when a second user logs in on that computer .. the profile
> directory is not created and the first user´s directory (on the local
> machine) is used ..
> some clue .. ?
> Thank You

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