[Samba] Access control question.

Matt Lozier mlozier at spindletopoil.com
Wed Nov 21 17:39:12 GMT 2007

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your response.  The only problem with going this route is that
I really need to have finer grain control over what the users are able to

I have situations where user1 needs to have access to /smbshare/dir1 and
dir3 then user2 needs to have access to /smbshare/dir1/subdir1 and
/smbshare/dir3, but *no* access to /smbshare/dir1.  I suppose that the real
problem lies in the poor setup of the root /smbshare.  However, any changes
to this configuration are out of the question because too many people who
are resistant to change already understand things the way they are ;-)

If I understand LDAP properly (I'm new to this technology) then I should be
able to store user permissions in the LDAP database, no?


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Is it out of the question to create many different shares and then
secure the system on a per-share basis?

I'm securing shares individually using Active Directory.
In each share config I have:

Create different groups for each share and you're golden.

Of course, this model can be followed without AD.


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> Hello,
> I have a general administrative question concerning Samba shares.
> I have a large amount of data that about 25 users have 
> limited access to.  I
> only want these users to have access to a sub-set of this 
> data, but I also
> only want the users to see that which they have access to.
> So, for example, suppose that the share looks like thus: 
> /smbshare
> /smbshare/dir1
> /smbshare/dir2
> /smbshare/dir3
> And I only want the users to see that they have access to 
> /smbshare/dir1 and
> /smbshare/dir3.  The way that this is currently setup is that I have
> symlinks from the user's home directory to /smbshare/dir1 and
> /smbshare/dir3.  That way then the user maps their home 
> share, they only see
> dir1 and dir3 - dir2 is out of sight, and thus (hopefully) 
> out of mind.
> Is there a better way to implement what I'm trying to do?  
> I'm currently
> looking into setting up permissions as an LDAP directory and 
> using this as
> the means to control access to the data - have also 
> considered using ACLs -
> not sure which way to go!
> Any and all help / input is appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Matt
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