[Samba] Access control question.

Matt Lozier mlozier at spindletopoil.com
Wed Nov 21 15:57:53 GMT 2007



I have a general administrative question concerning Samba shares.


I have a large amount of data that about 25 users have limited access to.  I
only want these users to have access to a sub-set of this data, but I also
only want the users to see that which they have access to.


So, for example, suppose that the share looks like thus: 






And I only want the users to see that they have access to /smbshare/dir1 and
/smbshare/dir3.  The way that this is currently setup is that I have
symlinks from the user's home directory to /smbshare/dir1 and
/smbshare/dir3.  That way then the user maps their home share, they only see
dir1 and dir3 - dir2 is out of sight, and thus (hopefully) out of mind.


Is there a better way to implement what I'm trying to do?  I'm currently
looking into setting up permissions as an LDAP directory and using this as
the means to control access to the data - have also considered using ACLs -
not sure which way to go!


Any and all help / input is appreciated.


Thank you,


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