[Samba] LDAP logonHours failure

Peter Molnar molnarp.pub at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 14:36:35 GMT 2007


I Have Samba 3.0 on Debian Etch, and have the following issue: two of my
users occasionally get the error message that they're out of logon hours,
although they are'nt, other users can log in. I'm using LDAP, the logonHours
attribute comes from LDAP for every user. It works for all of them, but two.
What can I do?
I've checked LDAP, and it is OK, there's the correct logonHours string.

for example:

[2007/10/27 08:26:31, 1] auth/auth_sam.c:logon_hours_ok(114)
  logon_hours_ok: Account for user user_name not allowed to logon at this
time (Sat Oct 27 08:26:31 2007

What could be the problem?


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