[Samba] Debugging assistance request

Phil Wherry psw at wherry.com
Tue Nov 20 22:46:55 GMT 2007


I've been using Samba successfully for years, but I've run into a  
problem for which I could use some expert debugging ideas.

I've got a Linux server sharing the root of its filesystem. I've been  
using "force user = root" in the smb.conf file so that filesystem  
permissions are never an issue (this is a single-user machine on an  
isolated network, so security isn't really a concern). This worked  
fine until recently.

I'm running Fedora 7 and updated recently to Samba 3.0.27 (using the  
standard "yum update" mechanism on Fedora to pick up new packages. I  
don't know exactly what I was running before, but I presume it was  
some version of 3.0.26; I apply updates regularly. I didn't find any  
mention of changed "force user" behavior in the 3.0.27 release notes.

In any case, I can still authenticate, and I can still access the  
filesystem, but not with root's permissions (nor those of the user who  
authenticates). I've checked logs (at both normal and elevated  
debugging levels) and can't see any obvious evidence of a problem. But  
clearly smbd is now having problems assuming the identity of the root  

Can anyone offer suggestions as to how I might seek to isolate the  
source of this problem?

Here's the relevant section of the smb.conf file. As I mentioned  
earlier, I can authenticate without difficulty; I just don't get the  
right set of permissions after doing so. SELinux is off, so that's not  
the cause.

	browseable = yes
	writable = yes
	path = /
	guest ok = no
	comment = Root
	valid users = psw
	force user = root

Thanks for any suggestions!

Phil Wherry

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