[Samba] DNS problem?

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Nov 20 14:12:52 GMT 2007

Edmundo Valle Neto wrote:
> You can start to look if the server really registered the types 1b, 1c 
> and 1d to its address.
> Don't use a log level = 10 unless really needed, a log level of 2 
> (preferred) or even 3 is enough to see almost all common problems.
> It should have 1c and 1b in wins.dat and nmbd.log should say what was 
> the result of the elections (or if you are having any master browser 
> war).
> nmblookup can be used locally to query the WINS server or make a 
> broadcast query to see who is what.
> nmblookup -R -U ADAMSTEST#1B (query the wins about DMB)
> nmblookup -R -U ADAMSTEST#1C (query the wins about DCs)
> nmblookup -M ADAMSTEST (query by broadcast about LMBs)
> On the client you can use ipconfig /all to se if it is really using a 
> WINS server, the node type, if NetBIOS over Tcpip is disabled, etc.
> Windows have its own tools to test lookups too.
> Regards.
> Edmundo Valle Neto

Thanks, that gave me an error "name_query failed to find name gomer".  
Now I see on gomer that nmbd is not running.  i'm using the fedora
supplied rpms:

[root at gomer samba]# rpm -qa|grep samba

and when i cat the samba start up script, nmbd is not found:

[root at gomer samba]# cat /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb |grep nmb
[root at gomer samba]#

when I start nbmd -D manually, then it prompts me for my username/passwd 
to join the domain.

So, I will upgrade to the official samba.org rpms.

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