[Samba] DNS problem?

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Tue Nov 20 00:57:15 GMT 2007

awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us escreveu:
> I'm trying to join an XP SP2 PC called testpc to a test environment.  Its
> network settings are statically set.  IP address is  I have a
> PDC called gomer.mdah.state.ms.us w/ samba 3.0.26a and IP address is
>  On test PC I right click on my computer, properties, computer
> name, change from workgroup WORKGROUP to domain ADAMSTEST.
> But I get the error:
> (...)
> any ideas?

You can start to look if the server really registered the types 1b, 1c 
and 1d to its address.

Don't use a log level = 10 unless really needed, a log level of 2 
(preferred) or even 3 is enough to see almost all common problems.

It should have 1c and 1b in wins.dat and nmbd.log should say what was 
the result of the elections (or if you are having any master browser war).

nmblookup can be used locally to query the WINS server or make a 
broadcast query to see who is what.

nmblookup -R -U ADAMSTEST#1B (query the wins about DMB)
nmblookup -R -U ADAMSTEST#1C (query the wins about DCs)
nmblookup -M ADAMSTEST (query by broadcast about LMBs)

On the client you can use ipconfig /all to se if it is really using a 
WINS server, the node type, if NetBIOS over Tcpip is disabled, etc.
Windows have its own tools to test lookups too.


Edmundo Valle Neto

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