[Samba] Fileserver integrated into windows domain, plus linux clients needed

Plant, Dean dean.plant at roke.co.uk
Fri Nov 16 10:09:41 GMT 2007

Ben Ladd wrote:
> This is a two part question regarding the setup of the samba server
> at my school. I am a student working as an IT tech and the support
> team is in dire need of help!  
> We have:
> 1. a windows 2003 server for a PDC with a full active directory.
> 2. a fedora core samba fileserver
> 3. lots of windows XP workstations.
> My problem:
> Each time we set up a new user on the system, passwords need changing
> on the AD and the samba server. Is there a way to set permissions for
> the samba from the AD so that we do not need to go through this
> rigmarole? (most problematic at the start of a new school year).   
> My aim is to also have some linux (probably k/ubuntu) boxes that
> authenticate on the network using standard AD credentials. I have
> tried in vain to find a way to introduce a single point of
> authentication, I have looked at kerberos, winbind and LDAP. I
> consider myself a good network technician, but the introduction of
> linux into a domain has thrown me. Is there a an easy way to
> integrate a linux fileserver with a windows controlled domain with
> both linux and windows clients?       
> I have read through countless "this is a way it could be done" and
> even tested kerberos/winbind/samba installs without result. I feel
> there is a way forward buy my lack of knowledge of linux services is
> letting me down.   
> Regards,
> Ben
> IT Tech Springfield School, Portsmouth, UK

If your using Windows Server 2003 R2 read this link (and comments)


If your not running R2 read this link (and comments). In fact it would
be good to read both anyway and understand the differences.


The instructions work fine with CentOS.


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