[Samba] Vista Ulimate joining Samba-Domain

Helge forum at petrisnet.de
Fri Nov 16 00:02:49 GMT 2007

Hi list,

I have a question concerning a MS Vista Ultimate-Client which I already
have joined with a Samba-Domain (3.0.26a), and I do hope that anyone can
help me or can give me a hint where to proceed my search.

My problem is, that the logon process on this Vista-Client is very long
(~1-2 min.). After switching to the detailed logon view, I can see, that
Vista displays the (german) messages "Warten auf 'Benutzerprofildienst'"
for a very long time. Then suddenly the messages "Desktop vorbereiten"
appears and the logon is finally processed after some seconds. - Vice versa
the logoff process lasts very long, - without too much network traffic, as
I assume from looking at the router´s lights.  ;-) 

This behaviour is strange, since other WinXP and Win2000-Clients  - also
joined to my domain - log on and off "usually fast".
I first wondered if it had to do with roaming profils and switched them, -
but it had absolutely no effect.

First I thought, I might have misconfigured my samba 3.0.24-installation
running on Opensuse 10.2, so I installed the meanwhile released Opensuse
10.3 with samba 3.0.26a on another machine, - but this had no effect.

Does anyone have an idea or can confirm this effect? Can samba have to do
anything with this effect at all? 

Thanks for any idea!

Best regards,

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