[Samba] Samba unable to bind to LDAP server

Ludek Finstrle ludek.finstrle at pzkagis.cz
Thu Nov 15 16:13:32 GMT 2007

Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 10:03:30AM -0600, Steve Brown napsal(a):
> > I see no smbpasswd -w ;o)

I'm sorry. You wrote you use smbpasswd -W ...

> Its there:
> $ sudo tdbdump /usr/local/private/secrets.tdb
> {
> key(58) = "SECRETS/LDAP_BIND_PW/uid=diradmin,dc=vpn,dc=a3dauto,dc=com"
> data(7) = "mypass\00"
> }

Have you copied something wrong?

I see
	ldap admin dn =		dc=vpn,dc=a3dauto,dc=com

in your smb.conf and in error message
failed to bind to server ldap:// with
dn="dc=vpn,dc=a3dauto,dc=com" Error: Invalid credentials

So its different dn ;o)



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